Welcome Fall Party

Fall Lights

Each year, the mister and I put on a welcome fall party.
This was our 4th year to do so.
It started because I wanted to have one last goodbye to summer and a welcome to the stillness of fall. We host it each September, as close to the 21st as we can get.

Fall Party

And truly, it’s probably my favorite thing that we do all year.

Fall Party_Food

There is just so much laughter and love at this event.
I’ll find myself sitting on the blanket just listening.
It’s one of the few times a year when I can count on just feeling peace.


It’s a tradition I’m sure we’ll keep going.

Bridget & Matt

  • http://byov.blogspot.com iris

    We throw a dinner party for my PhD cohort…which ends up adding a couple significant others every year. 14 can be a bit of a hassle, but the work is worth it.

    • http://coliesplace.com Nicole

      I agree. All the prep and clean up can be a pain, but it’s always worth it for me. I couldn’t imagine doing it multiple times a year though.