Lost Photos Found!

My husband got our back up system, back up and working (like that pun?).  On said back up, are photos of mine, some dating back 5 years. Wow. 

Below are some of my favorites.

This is a really photo heavy post, just as a warning.

 For my 18th birthday, it “snowed.” It amazes me that this is what I considered to be snow and ice.
 This was at a retreat I went to with a boyfriend. 
And this was at a Mission Trip I did in the Cumberland Mountains. Our main project was digging an outhouse (whaaa?) which needed to be about 5 feet deep.  Since I was 4′ 11″ (I am not anymore!), I was being used as the measuring stick. Heh. 
I spent Spring Break 2006 in New Orleans with Campus Crusade doing rebuilding.  It was incredible and probably one of my favorite service trips I’ve ever done.  It was amazing the devastation and amazing the number of people who gave up their Spring Break to be there. Creepiest part, though… They found a body while we were walking along the 9th Ward.

  My parents and I, along with a once dear friend went on a family vacation to Santa Fe as a last time thing.  And that was wonderful too.  Please note that my mom and dad look exactly the same in 2006 as they do now. Thank you good genes.

Before I left for SHSU, The Lindsey’s and I spent the evening eating a very expensive dinner. A very expensive, tasty, and dolled up dinner. It was fabulous.
Then, I moved to SHSU.  These photos are from my parent’s visiting for Parent’s Weekend. Funny story about the 3rd picture: After that lunch, my parents told me I would marry one of those two boys.  🙂 Note that my husband is in the back right corner — with the hat.
 My favorite photo of one of my dearest friends.
 Summer 2007 was spent in Michigan doing some hardcore, intense research.  Both the worst and best summer of my life.
I made some amazing, wonderful, incredible friends who I still talk to on basically a daily basis. 
One of the worst parts was being so homesick.  But, Fort Wayne was all of three hours away and my aunt kidnapped me to spend the 4th with them, which was a much needed respite from all of it. 
My grandmother passed away the day before my 21st birthday. She was such an amazing woman.
And this, these are the photos from my birthday celebration!

I have so many others, but I really like these.  It’s really cool to find photos like this again.  And to see how I’ve change…wow! I’m loving this.