I play favorites

Well, I definitely have a favorite.
Now, to be fair, there are two cameras out of the running. One I can’t play with because we can’t figure out why it won’t turn on. And the other, my Diana, I haven’t had 120 film to play with.
But that aside, my favorite camera is the Pentax.
I love it because:
  It is heavy.
    It has 3 lenses.
      It helps me to create amazing pictures.
        I get amazing compliments on it.
          It takes film.
            It makes me think about the pictures I’m taking.
I love this sucker. And tonight, I found this and this.
I can’t wait to take this camera with me to Texas (next week!) and show you what I get from it. 
Now, I just need to buy a scanner….
  • Camie

    My scanner is your scanner!

  • Nicole


  • Chet

    We can add 120 shopping to our adventures with Camie or something. Even pick some up this weekend is you'd desire.