Etsy Love

Dear Etsy:

I don’t do a whole lot of shopping online, honestly. I do some on amazon, mainly for textbooks and birthday gifts for friends far away. I’ll occasionally look at ebay when I’m feeling super bored. And, I’ll compare prices for things like cameras and film online. But other than that, I don’t really like online shopping.

Except for you.

You came to my aid during the wedding planning. I bought a lot of things from different vendors during that time and I was hooked. There is so much pretty. Granted, I don’t buy a lot, but I do love searching. It’s like my form of Porn for Women.

Wall Prints
…oh my.

You’re like a giant indie movie set where I can actually purchase the beautiful things I see. It’s like walking into an antique junk store without the smell.

And the vendors are all so lovely. I’ve yet to have a bad experience with someone, and I’ve done a lot of messaging with people.

Really, Etsy, I’m smitten. I have been since I first found you two years ago. Thank you for being my healthier version of chocolate and taking Visa.


  • Chet

    This is quite funny. I laughed last night when I read it even though I felt pretty awful.