Early Saturday Morning Conversations

Me: Satan made The Period.

Chet: Why do you say that?

Me: Well technically it was God.

Chet: Again, why?

Me: Well Satan made Eve eat the apple who in turn made Adam eat the apple. Well, he choose to but, whatever. Then God was all, “Satan, you’re a punk, and Eve you have to have kids now. And periods.” So I suppose God did it.

Chet: What was God’s plan for procreation prior to the apple? Just keep Adam and Eve around forever?

Me: Probably. I’m sure He had a tattoo that said, “Adam and Eve 4 Life!” He had to have it removed.

Chet:┬áIt’s God. He probably just blinked it out of existence.

Me: Right.

  • http://byov.blogspot.com/ iris

    It’s not just this, but also things like sex-related UTIs, BV, yeast infections. If any of this nonsense was part of some divine plan, that creature had a wicked dislike of women. I’m not really sure how women survived natural selection with our amazing ease of acquiring infections. Maybe that’s where god/satan steps in, lol.