Chicago Trip 2

The Bean

Back in April (ish) I bought the mister a ticket to Riot Fest-Chicago, specifically to see Brand New, but also some other pretty good bands. I didn’t attend, but he seemed to have a great time. Frankly, I wanted to go to see Chicago, and spend some time with my friend, Stephanie.

Chicago_1 As a bonus, I got to meet Stephanie’s new fiance. He’s quite lovely and very kind.

Stephanie & Christopher

We spent the day Saturday walking around. The mister joined us for a late lunch, and we proceeded to walk a total of 35,000 steps. We got back to their apartment around 2AM, and it was worth every tired second.

Group Photo

I can’t wait to go again.



At this time, a week ago, I left to finish my proposal.

And, I did it.

I actually completed it and then submitted it Monday evening. This was celebrated with a margarita, quesadillas, and the best banana split in the world.

I also decided to christen this proposal with a human name*. Her name is {drum roll} Penelope. Penny for short.

Anyhow, I’m really proud of myself and wanted to share this progress with my little corner of the world. In a semester (year) that has been bleak and difficult, this was a win that I needed.

Writing Mosaic

*A friend of mine began this naming of our dissertations, so that we have something to yell at when it isn’t working. Plus, it’s way more cool to say, “Penny and I are hanging out tonight with a glass of wine” than “I’m working on my dissertation on a Saturday night.” Because, even though I absolutely love my research, Penny’s cooler to hang out with.

Home Again

We spent last weekend-ish in Orlando, and made it back yesterday morning.

We went for my conference, which marks the beginning of the academic year for me. So, my agenda today includes:

Doing laundry (any tips on hand washing dresses?)
Finishing up lecture notes for my first couple of weeks
Creating the menu and grocery list for the week
Book shopping

I also intend on soaking up these last two days of summer that I have by working in the garden, eating dinner outside, and enjoying the tan I gained from Florida.

What are your plans?

How was your weekend?

Yay Weekend!
  • Snow on Saturday
  • Money to buy groceries with
  • Finding a futon to put in our spare room for our guests
  • A semi-productive afternoon punctuated with talking to friends
  • Selling a chair on Craigslist. I love cold hard cash
  • Fresh flowers!

    Boo Weekend 🙁

    • Realizing the husband’s wallet was gone 
    • Having to use the heaters again
    • The fridge continuing to make that awful noise
    • Seeing how deep the gouges were in the hardwood floors
    • Not getting to work in the garden as promised

    happy monday friends!