Texas in 2011 Part II

 Life Changes
Friends… short and tall.
in-laws and sunsets
Cute guys.
Bar-B-Q. The real kind.
Gulf inlets.
A second set of parents
The beginning of the meat brigade at the party.
A golf cart seat on top of a four wheeler. Love, Texas.
My mister’s hair was being beautified.
A father in law and my mister.
Mama in law with us at the airport.
And, of course Moonshine.

How was your weekend?

Yay Weekend!
  • Snow on Saturday
  • Money to buy groceries with
  • Finding a futon to put in our spare room for our guests
  • A semi-productive afternoon punctuated with talking to friends
  • Selling a chair on Craigslist. I love cold hard cash
  • Fresh flowers!

    Boo Weekend 🙁

    • Realizing the husband’s wallet was gone 
    • Having to use the heaters again
    • The fridge continuing to make that awful noise
    • Seeing how deep the gouges were in the hardwood floors
    • Not getting to work in the garden as promised

    happy monday friends! 

    Daily Gratitude

    I have a group of women with whom I share daily gratitudes with. We met in the Dream Lab I took during January and February. They are smart, sassy, funny, and all around lovely. I feel really happy to be sharing the things in my life with them. Each line is like a glimpse into each other’s life and that’s just really cool. 

    But, today, I also want to share my gratitudes with you. It’s nothing deep, just things I’m deeply grateful for on a Monday in Nebraska. 

    • For making it home safely after spending Sunday night 3 1/2 hours from Lincoln due to a freak snowstorm.
    • Cancelling all my student appointments to nap with the husband before seeing clients.
    • Napping with the husband in a chilly room while the sun streams in the bedroom window. 
    • An ice cream sundae after clients made with lots of love from a friend at a local ice cream store. 
    • Advance Reader Copies which the husband brings home from his job. I get to read books before they are published! 
    These are things which I am grateful for today. How about you?