Busy Weekend.

This weekend was so busy.
Like crazy, busy. But also crazy amazing.

Our friend Jordan came up for the UT vs UNL game… He writes for The Daily Texas and was covering the game.


I went to the UT vs. UNL game with my friend Holly, her friend Alyssa, and her brother Aaron ans sister in law Shannon. Chet stayed home and watched because her didn’t have a ticket. He argues he had a better seat.

It was a lot of fun. I actually don’t know if I would ever go again, but I’m glad I got the experience.

And sooooo much red! 


On Sunday afternoon we carved pumpkin with our friend Alana and met some of her friends from back home.


I would like for everyone to know that I drew that cat freehand. And that this is the first pumpkin of our 2010 carving season.  It currently resides on our dining room table and I put a candle in it at night.

On Monday (because I’m on my fall break) Chet and I redid our bedroom.

And that’s the only image you get for now!

How was your weekend?

Annual Fall Tour

On Sunday, husband and I went on our annual fall colors tour. Normally (like last year) we drive around this lovely state and stare at the pretty colors. However, the request was placed to not drive and maybe go hiking or something to look at the colors.

Fine. Noted.

So, we headed out to a state park.

And, it was a lot of fun, I must admit.
We walked around the park for about 3 hours.
We found a clearing, laid out a blanket, and laid down for 30 minutes, talking.

We trespassed on BNSF property, where I promptly had my first ever photo by a train track taken.

Please enjoy our lovely photos.
Click to enlarge.

Parties and Feeling Connected pt. 2

So. Do you guys remember about my wanting this end of summer/welcome fall party?

Well, we pulled it together in 3 days. Really, in 1. And it was lovely.

We had people show up.

On the menu:

We had lots and lots of beer.
Water with Lemon.
A punch with sprite and sherbet
And the always classy Arbor Mist Strawberry Zinfandel.

Chet’s salsa
homemade bruschetta and sliced ciabatta bread
a ranch and salsa dip
pizza roll ups &
deviled eggs.

We bought garden lights from target, mason jars and put candles in them. We laid out blankets in the grass.

We sat outside on the lovely night, a crisp 55 or so degrees. The wind was blowing. There were stories everywhere. People were laughing, and drinking, and eating.

It was so wonderful.

Parties and Feeling Connected

I want to have a party.

A good, fun party. One with really good food, drinks, laughter, friends, and beautiful decorations.

With a fantastic tablecloth spread over the table and hanging lights.

Candles and pulling out the best wine glasses, just so you can feel special.

The kind where you sit around a table and tell stories and drink a beer or wine and just laugh with each other.

I haven’t been to a party like that in ages.

Tomorrow is the official end of summer and beginning of fall. And I just don’t think there is a better time to celebrate than that. Aren’t those photos magical?

So I’ve put out the invitation to my local friends.

The only thing is: I don’t know if people will show up. I also don’t have decorations or really the time to create. I don’t know what we would serve for food or where we would find drinks. I don’t have a table or chairs to stick in the garden plot, nor do I have a way to hang decorations.

But I want this so bad. I want it because I feel incredibly disconnected from people right now. I feel overwhelmed with work and school, and I feel like I am not creating. I feel like I’m not doing a good enough job and I am having serious doubts about what I’m doing right now. So, I want this.

And I’m going to do it.

If it’s just me and Chet, then we will have amazing hor d’oeuvres to eat and great wine and beer to drink. If people come, then it will just be that much better. I just need to keep that thought.