Winter Holidays in 2010

Wanna see my holidays?

Belated Family Thanksgiving

Last year, we started a tradition of doing Thanksgiving after the fact.  We wanted one holiday which we could spend with all of our friends, since a lot of people travel for the others. Last year was a lot of fun, and this year did not disappoint.


And, we went to a Hanukkah party. Remember?

Ugly Sweater Party

And then there was an ugly sweater party with some past coworkers. I wore a Santa sweater.

In between, I turned 23 which meant a spectacular spaghetti party with good friends. Have I told you that I kind of love my life?

Christmas presents!

Then, of course my parents were in town for a week which was a blast. I love the wrapping paper EVERYWHERE after opening gifts. Some of my favorite photos.

Masquerade Ball

And finally, we make it to New Years Eve where we went to a masquerade ball. I made our masks, curled my hair, wore make up and a cute blue party dress. It felt like -15 outside but it was worth it. We danced to the Beatles and we rang in the New Year. That put 2011 off to an amazing start.

How were your holidays?

When We Stop Counting

I’m not supposed to be blogging, I know. Stupid Finals.

But! I had to share this and since I don’t have access to facebook, here we go.

Last night, I was at a screening for the documentary, When We Stop Counting, which follows 6 highschoolers in Crete Nebraska.

It was beautiful.

Whatever you believe on immigration reform, this was powerful. It was these kids stories. It humanized the debate. It talked about the fact that immigration isn’t always dangerous or bad.

But mostly, it’s about a community which embraced the immigrants coming in and helped them to make a better life, rather than pushing them back.

Immigration is inevitable. It happens. It has always happened. It will always happen. What I hate, though, is the negativeness surrounding immigration, because it doesn’t have to be negative.

Sadly, you can’t watch it. Not because I don’t want you to, (oh I do!) but because it’s currently just local. They’re raising money to hopefully send off to PBS to be aired though, so maybe you can see it one day, interwebs.

Okay. Back to my finals.

Interview with the Directors

Remember that weekend when…

Friday was busy.

Husband and I wandered around The Haymarket for a bit after he rescued me from school…

He kicked a tumbleweed

Then we went to a gallery opening for which we had been photographed. Think of Awkward Family Photos meets Festivus.

Image is all Shannon’s from B-Side Images.

From there we booked it to a Hanukkah party, complete with Latkes, Driedels, and lighting the candles.  There were also veggies and wine as with any good party.


From that amazingness we headed back home to play pitch with friends of ours. If you haven’t heard of pitch, that’s okay. You’re just missing out on a pretty fantastic card game.  It’s a lot like one of the domino games that I grew up with, just with cards.


P.S. Trader Joe’s opened here on Friday. So clearly we had to drink a bottle of Two Buck Chuck.

And this was just Friday.  Actually, Saturday and Sunday were filled with me working as we’re at the end of the semester (blah).

Hope all of you, dear internets, had a fabulous weekend.

And then we went to Indiana

For those who subscribe: You may be better off coming to my website and viewing photos. Who knows how wonky this will look. Love!
Since our anniversary falls near Thanksgiving, we made a trip of our trip! We left Chicago (sadly) on Wednesday and headed to Indiana to spend the next 3 packed days with my aunt, her daughter and son in law, and their three tiny (awesome) humans.

Tiny humans are amazing. They bring so much joy to everything.  And noise, let us not forget the noise.

Gingerbread houses do not appreciate air travel, from Sweden or Portland.  Icing and cardboard were definitely harmed in the fixing of these.

 You have not eaten Pecan Pie until you’ve had husband’s. True story.

 I steal the meringue.  I’m the official taste tester. That’s also a true story.


 Hi again!

 He was not pleased at the fantastic gift husband and I purchased for his daughter’s 7th birthday.

 The box said that it was for 6+ and only took 1-2 hour construction time.  In reality, it was probably for hipsters and that construction time was really timed in Narnia.

 Tiny Humans!

The girls from that side of the family.

They made us a very sweet book telling us how much we would be missed. Awww….