Friends who Wed

At this time last week, I was getting ready to take pictures with Lindsey who is one of my nearest and dearest friends. We’ve known each other for 10ish years now, and she’s one of those people who has just always had my back. She’s always just accepted me for whatever I was and am with no questions asked. She has just loved me. And I am forever grateful for that.
But! On March 11th, she married her best friend Bryce. Basically, I just want to show you pictures and talk about it, because I can.
Lindsey gifted each of her bridesmaids hair dos from a salon, which was awesome. It meant that we didn’t have to do it ourselves, which I totally appreciated. My hair is at an awkward length and I don’t know what the heck to do with it, so I was grateful.
Lindsey did a gorgeous updo with lots of curls and a ponytail thing. Her hair is baby fine thin hair — it’s gorgeous but requires liquid cement and bobby pins to keep it up. But, it stayed which is what matters.
We had a constant stream of food which was also awesome. However, while I was putting on Lindsey’s nails, I wouldn’t let her eat. So, the Maid of Honor (Jessica) stepped up and did her duty of feeding the bride. Someone had to do it.
Lindsey also used Cinderella as a way to hang out and wait while I did Jessica’s make-up. We were sequestered to this back room and there wasn’t a whole lot to do. But singing mice seems to handle her nerves (which were already pretty non-existent).

After I finished all of our make up, it was time for Lindsey to put on her gorgeous white dress. There was some whining about cold hands and a hug in the middle, but we got it on. And then I got to put her veil in her hair which was so cool. And she looked gorgeous. 
Then it was time for the posed professional photos. Lindsey and Bryce opted to not do a First Look, so there was a lot of wheedling to keep them from seeing each other. Thanks to a really, really intense and scary wedding coordinator, there was absolutely no chance of that happening. 
And then it was 7pm and it was time for Lindsey to marry her love. The night before, I about lost it when I watched her rehearsing. I mean, really. And I was no better when we were standing waiting outside. I saw her dad, who I have always called Mr. Smith, waiting to walk his daughter down the aisle and I thought, “Oh my God…. I don’t know if I can not cry during this…”
And I barely did it. He walked her down the aisle and put her hand in Bryce’s and it was beautiful. And I was so, so happy for her.
The next moment where I was about positive that I would lose it was when they were wrapped in a quilt. See, I made that quilt. And the husband and I did a quilt wrapping in our wedding ceremony. What is that saying, the best form of flattery is copying? Something like that. And that’s totally how I felt. 
Everyone will be pleased to know that I didn’t cry. My chin wobbled, but I wasn’t that bawling bridesmaid, which is probably good.
After they got married, there was an awesome dessert reception with ice cream sundaes, delicious juices, fruit and cheese. It was tasty and fun. And then of course there were awesome wedding cakes. Lindsey surprised Bryce with an Xbox 360 Cake and she had a beautiful star cake that a friend made for her. 
It was all so very beautiful and I feel so lucky to have been a part of it. 
I wish Bryce and Lindsey nothing but all the happiness in the world.

Surprise! Comps.

Yesterday I got a surprise. 
And not really one that I wanted. I figured out (found out) that I have to take comps on March 4th if I want my Masters to be able to be considered to teach next year.
Yikes. I mean, big yikes. The hyperventilating-panic inducing-chest pain-yikes.
See,  I knew comps were around the corner. But, I planned on taking them in June. However, when I went to check on dates, I saw that the June comps are during the time we will be in Texas for my brother-in-law’s graduation. Exciting? Yes. A pain in my plans? Yes, too. 
For those who aren’t sure, comps (at the Masters level) is a test which will determine if I can graduate or not. If I have enough knowledge to be eligible. I’ve decided to take three: The Counseling, The Cognition, and The Basic Statistics. 
But, I’m still hyperventilating, panicking, and all around freaked out. 
And while I’m doing this, I have people from my program and others who reached out and helped me calm down, told me I could do this, and offered their knowledge, kind words, and hugs. 
And that’s when I’m reminded how amazing this program is, how wonderful the people who are here are, and how lucky I am. 
Being in a graduate program can be isolating. Not a lot of people really get what it takes to be here or how much work there is or how much a person can sacrifice to make it happen. 
And, there’s not a lot of balance afforded. If I want to do things outside of this program, then I have to let go of some things in the program. If I want to do something inside of the program, I have to let go of some thing outside of it. Not to mention the faults which programs have. 
And this program isn’t different. Balance feels unattainable, I put pressure on myself to be perfect, I don’t have a lot of friends outside of the program, and it has its faults. 
But the support here? That’s incredible. The fact that people step forward and say, “Breathe. I have this book, and this book, and this book. I’ll help you find what you need.” That’s beautiful. 
And everyday, I try to count my blessings to be here.
Besides, now all of this:
will pay off. 

LoveFest 2011

I’m one of those people who loves Valentine’s Day, but only on the day of. The rest is just too much pressure.
But today, I love it. Even though I have a flat tire, my cell phone died, and my printer decided to hate on me. I love it.
I decorated Friday night and that was fun. See photos above.
The husband and I aren’t doing anything together until much later tonight. We might get beer and cake is we’re feeling crazy this afternoon before my class. But, he’s working until 10:30 and I’m headed to a love-fest party with some good old and new friends. Excitement will ensue, I promise.
But, because I love cards*, I found this in my computer this morning:
How freaking adorable is that? And, I’m told there is more to come. 10:30 can’t get here soon enough!
Anyhow, we are having gorgeous weather here right now which is fantastic. It still sucks my motivation dry, but I can deal with that. And yesterday, at my Sunday Study Brain Trust Group, I wore this:
And I felt super cute. Don’t judge.
*At some point last year, I told the husband that I feel loved when I received cards. I didn’t need gifts, just thoughtful cards. And though could be, “oh, Colie would appreciate this.” And, now he does it. I’m a lucky, luck girl.

Valentine’s Day, Friday Night Love

It’s the Friday night before Valentine’s Day… or Lover’s Day as some wonderful people call it. 
Tonight, I’ve been making Valentine’s Day decorations. The awesome homemade kind. With construction paper and string, a single hole punch and a ladder to hang stuff. 
It’s a lot of fun. 
The cat’s even been helping.
Also, I would like to dedicate this song to the husband. You can listen to it too.
Happy Weekend my friends!
Leaky faucet, creaky floor
We don’t even own a bathroom door
The sofa set is nothing to be jealous of
We don’t have a lot but there’s no shortage here for love
All the pennies in the wishing wells
All the diamonds Tiffany’s could sell
All the riches put together
All the sunny California weather
Could not make me love you any better

You could give me all that I request
If you fancy, darling be my guest
But I’ll take less if more means having less of you
Who needs sequin shoes or private jets to Katmandu
All the pennies in the wishing wells
All the diamonds Tiffany’s could sell
All the riches put together
All the sunny California weather
Could not make me love you any better

I don’t need your money
Just your kisses and your funny faces
Which I miss when you’re away
I cry into my pillow
Stay up late until you bring me takeout
We make conversation all about
All the pennies in the wishing wells
All the diamonds Tiffany’s could sell
All the riches put together
All the sunny California weather
All the pennies in the wishing wells
All the diamonds Tiffany’s could sell
All the riches put together
All the sunny California weather
Could not make me love you any better