Back to Work and Desks

I started work again. They are preparing for me to “phase out” (what an off-putting phrase, right?) when I leave for internship. Part of this involves my now keeping track of how I spend my time. Which amuses me to no end.

It feels somewhat like a cross between a survivor diary and a joke.

Day 1: I spent my first 20 minutes chatting with a coworker. Then, I tried to get my email to work. It’s only 9:30. HOW IS IT ONLY 9:30?? I checked pintrest, facebook, and reader. I have decided I need more friends, blogs, and craft time. I will continue to do this until 5PM.

Oh boy.

Truthfully, this is a good idea. I started this position as the first person who had run this part of the program, officially. That means there really was little to no direction provided for me, which is scary. My higher-ups don’t want the same thing to happen to my predecessor, which I wholeheartedly agree with.

In other news, I decorated my cubicle (as seen above). The corkboard, or whatever that is, was depressing, so I bought some fabric to cover it (4.98 for two yards!) and make my space more happy. My supervisor noticed it*, chuckled and said that everyone would know where I sit now.  I think he questions my sanity sometimes.

*how could you not notice it? 

Happy Thursday Folks!

Tell me, what does your desk spaces look like?