Book Thoughts: The Last Song

by Nicholas Spark

I picked this up from the free shelf at the bookstore the other day.  Even though I despise books with the movie poster covers, it was free so why complain? 

I had given up on Nicholas Sparks in September of 2007 when he made me cry my eyes out on an airplane back from a conference in {gorgeous} San Diego.  I was done.  Well, we all know where this leads to…

I started wanting to read him again recently {hey, 3 years? that’s impressive}. I’d heard good things about Safe Haven, and Dear John the Movie was good so I thought I’d give it a shot.

Well, I did the uncute cry thing again finishing it yesterday, but it did have my wonderful fairy tale ending I wanted… so that made up for it.  Overall, pretty good book. And now I will be returning it to the free shelf.  Pass it on guys, pass it on.