I have baby fever right now, although it’s quieted down a lot in the past few months.

It all started about a year ago.  I started inexplicably dreaming, thinking, and obsessing about babies. Oh, and pregnancy. Whenever I see a baby, I can’t help but coo and wave and talk to him or her.  In church on Sunday, I had a mini conversation with a 4 year old. I often price baby items, like strollers, cribs (don’t you love those 5-in-1’s?) etc.  And don’t forget thinking about names! So many: Aveline, Grace, Marie, Mia, Sophia, Fiona, Josh, Avery, Ezra, Hugh among others.

But you know what? We won’t be having kids anytime soon.  Some reasons include: We have difficulty staying in the black on a monthly basis and diapers are expensive. We really enjoy not having kids — going to the bar on a whim, watching loud tv, sleeping in late.  Oh and crying. Let’s not forget crying. Husband says he doesn’t want kids until her can walk through Target and not want to do what they’re doing. That’s legit.

The biggest reason for why I do want kids right now, though, is my parents.  My parents will make amazing grandparents.  Fantastic grandparents.  The kind that everyone hopes for.  But, I’m realizing more and more that my parents are older {not old, people, just older}.  Husband and I have been considering trying to get pregnant around 26/27.  That’ll put my dad in his late fifties and my mom a few years above that.  And that’s not old, and it’s only a few years away.  I worry, though, about the amount of time they will get to spend with my kids. 

And more than that, the time my kids will get to spend with them.

And that is my only reason to try for kids now.  I don’t think it’s good enough, though, to overwrite all the reasons we do *not* need to have babies.  For now, I’ll just play with other people’s.

Dear Internets: Do any of you have baby fever?

  • Heather

    I have had baby fever for QUITE some time. I even have baby names picked out (first and middle), so now all I need is to find a "baby daddy"! :o)

  • Nicole

    haha classic. 🙂

  • Sarah

    I have baby fever, always have really. Seriously my entire life I have REALLY wanted kids, and it sure as hell hasn't gotten better since getting married. But I do know our legit reasons for waiting a few years (mainly money) and that subsides my baby need a bit.

  • Nicole

    It's really hard to make baby fever go away, even if we have totally legit reasons as to why we need to back away from it. I think if someone could bottle that "cure" up, they would make millions. For sure.