Husband and I watch a lot of TV. A lot.

Monday: How I Met Your Mother, House, The Closer
Tuesday: Hell’s Kitchen, The Good Wife
Wednesday: Morgan Freeman’s Show
Thursday: Bones, CSI, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Royal Pains
Friday: Ghost Whisperer, Numbers
Saturday: Catch Up
Sunday: Catch Up

Granted, some of these are summer and some are fall/winter. But still. That’s a lot of TV.

Most of this is because we’re bored. Last Lent, I gave up TV. Well, I allowed myself an hour a week of TV and one movie.

And it was fantastic.

Husband still watched his ridiculous amount of TV, but it was wonderful to come home and talk.
And eat together.
Read together.
Listen to records (oh yes, real records).

But, I also really enjoy TV. I just hate it being on for background noise.

What do you guys watch?

You Are Beautiful

No really. You are. You really, really are.

I mean it.

And my challenge, this week, is to stand in the mirror every morning and tell myself that I was made in God’s perfect image and likeness and that He made me beautiful.

Do you have any challenges for yourself?