5th Year Fall

Time often feels as if it is just slipping away from me.

I’m at the end of the Fall semester of my 5th year in this program. I can hardly believe that I’m at this point. I chose to extend my program a year in the attempts to have my dissertation completed when I go on internship.

And this year has been good. I was talking to a friend the other day about confidence. This year I have felt more confident then I can ever recall feeling in my life. I feel grounded in my work. I can discuss counseling and clients and research and psychology in a way that makes me proud.

That’s certainly not to say that I’m not also tired and worn down. I’ve decided that graduate school and the feeling of exhaustion go hand in hand. And that’s why you make sure you’re in school for something that you love. I think it would be incredibly hard to continue to do this if I didn’t love it.

So that’s where I am friends. I’m confident and full, I’m pulled in lots of directions but I’m happy. <3



At this time, a week ago, I left to finish my proposal.

And, I did it.

I actually completed it and then submitted it Monday evening. This was celebrated with a margarita, quesadillas, and the best banana split in the world.

I also decided to christen this proposal with a human name*. Her name is {drum roll} Penelope. Penny for short.

Anyhow, I’m really proud of myself and wanted to share this progress with my little corner of the world. In a semester (year) that has been bleak and difficult, this was a win that I needed.

Writing Mosaic

*A friend of mine began this naming of our dissertations, so that we have something to yell at when it isn’t working. Plus, it’s way more cool to say, “Penny and I are hanging out tonight with a glass of wine” than “I’m working on my dissertation on a Saturday night.” Because, even though I absolutely love my research, Penny’s cooler to hang out with.

A Break

Sunrise in the Mirror Semester has been killer, y’all. In all honesty, this academic year has been killer.

But, I’m making progress.

We have 49 days left and I can’t wait to be done.

For now, though, I am heading to Omaha. I rented a little space for the weekend, and I have packed all of my dissertation materials. I am finishing my proposal and turning it in on Monday. It feels insane and scary, but it’s all necessary and awesome. And then I am going to celebrate with a little wine.

I can’t wait to get away. I can’t wait to be somewhere else where my little introverted heart can recharge and┬árecuperate after this intensely extroverted season.

Happy Spring Break, y’all.

Being Present

Time to Work


Don’t leave your broken heart at the door;
bring it to the altar of life.
Don’t leave your anger behind;
it has high standards
and the world needs vision.
Bring them with you,
and your joy
and your passion.
Bring your loving,
and your courage
and your conviction.
Bring your need for healing,
and your power to heal.
There is work to do
and you have all that you need to do it
right here in this room.

-Angela Herrera


Mug and Tea Lights

(Hinduism/Buddhism – the divine in me recognizes the divine in you)

(Hebrew – completeness, wholeness, health, peace)

As-Salamu Alaykum
(Arabic -peace be upon you)

Sat Srii Akaal
(Sikh – one will be blessed eternally who says that God is the ultimate truth)

Aadab arz hai
(Muslim-I offer my regards to you)

Unconditional love
(May you be kind to others, happy in your mind, and complete in your heart.)