And then we went to Indiana

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Since our anniversary falls near Thanksgiving, we made a trip of our trip! We left Chicago (sadly) on Wednesday and headed to Indiana to spend the next 3 packed days with my aunt, her daughter and son in law, and their three tiny (awesome) humans.

Tiny humans are amazing. They bring so much joy to everything.  And noise, let us not forget the noise.

Gingerbread houses do not appreciate air travel, from Sweden or Portland.  Icing and cardboard were definitely harmed in the fixing of these.

 You have not eaten Pecan Pie until you’ve had husband’s. True story.

 I steal the meringue.  I’m the official taste tester. That’s also a true story.


 Hi again!

 He was not pleased at the fantastic gift husband and I purchased for his daughter’s 7th birthday.

 The box said that it was for 6+ and only took 1-2 hour construction time.  In reality, it was probably for hipsters and that construction time was really timed in Narnia.

 Tiny Humans!

The girls from that side of the family.

They made us a very sweet book telling us how much we would be missed. Awww….

  • Heather

    So Chet's a pie maker, huh? Interesting…

    Love the Narnia reference/humor AND the new book to add to your library!

  • Chet

    I am an awesome pie maker! Ask anyone. I actually only make the one.

  • Nicole

    Chet is actually really good at this one pie. I make the others…

    You know, I've never actually read the Narnia books?