5th Year Fall

Time often feels as if it is just slipping away from me.

I’m at the end of the Fall semester of my 5th year in this program. I can hardly believe that I’m at this point. I chose to extend my program a year in the attempts to have my dissertation completed when I go on internship.

And this year has been good. I was talking to a friend the other day about confidence. This year I have felt more confident then I can ever recall feeling in my life. I feel grounded in my work. I can discuss counseling and clients and research and psychology in a way that makes me proud.

That’s certainly not to say that I’m not also tired and worn down. I’ve decided that graduate school and the feeling of exhaustion go hand in hand. And that’s why you make sure you’re in school for something that you love. I think it would be incredibly hard to continue to do this if I didn’t love it.

So that’s where I am friends. I’m confident and full, I’m pulled in lots of directions but I’m happy. <3

  • http://chetg.com Chet


  • http://byov.blogspot.com iris

    I’m a sixth year…and I’d say it beats my 4th year, maybe the 3rd year too. Why stop?!

    • http://coliesplace.com Nicole

      I have two more to go. And then I think I will have to be done or I might go crazy.